Contact us with information about serious crimes via this website or text. You will never be asked your name. Instead you will be given a special code number, called a tip number, that is special only to you. Be sure to save your tip number because you will need it to give more information about your tip and to claim any reward that may be offered.

What Should I Call About?

Silent Observer is most interested in information about serious crimes. Tips about arson, drugs, burglary, criminal sexual conduct, robbery, murder, weapons, theft, vandalism and people with warrants are just some of the crimes Silent Observer would like to receive information.

What Happens With The Information I Submit To Silent Observer?

Your information is immediately sent to the appropriate law enforcement agency for investigation.

Does Silent Observer Have Caller-ID?

Absolutely not. Callers can be assured that they will remain anonymous. No attempt will be made to figure out your identity.

Do I Get A Reward?

If your information leads to the arrest of suspect(s) and the suspect(s) is bound over for trial, you are eligible for a reward. Reward amounts are based on the severity of the crime and how important your tip was to police. Reward amounts can range from $50 - $2,000.

How Do I Collect My Reward?

Call 231-722-3177  to inquire about the status of your tip.  Have your tip number handy. If your tip leads to a person’s arrest, you will be told how to collect your reward, without giving your name.

How Can I Be Assured That I Will Remain Anonymous?

Silent Observer has been around since 1972 and has a proven track record in keeping those with crime-solving information anonymous. We do not use Caller ID nor do we want your name or any other identifying information about you. But to make it all official, there is a law that went into effect on January 1, 2007 that legally protects the identity of Silent Observer informants. Click here to see the complete Public Act.